Welcome to Tranquility Yoga

I have been practicing yoga for approximately 20 years and in that time I have witnessed lots of changes in the yoga world. Yoga has become more acceptable and accessible to everyone due to lots of press coverage both by TV, magazines & newspapers.  In fact, yoga ‘sells’ a lot of things that are not anything to do with yoga but the image or assumptions of yoga is one of good health & well-being both in mind and body.


Only in the recent past health professionals have acknowledged that yoga can be a good form of exercise for many ailments. This being the case, science has and continues to run trials recording the benefits that people get from practicing yoga on a regular basis and are revealing what yogi’s have known for thousands of years.  This has opened up yoga to a whole new genre of people who ‘thought’ yoga wasn’t for them ie people who go to the gym, people over 60, athletes, dancers, footballers.


Yoga is about experiencing breathing, moving, being mindful & most of all being able to relax. All these different aspects of yoga give you the tools to allow you to cope with the 21st Century lifestyles we all contend with.


What is Tranqulity Yoga & Pilates?

Tranquility Yoga & Pilates classes are steeped in yoga tradition & the style has been created from studying various yoga styles & other holistic methods of exercise such as Tai Chi.

Why People Come To Tranquility Yoga & Pilates

Want To Keep Active & Be More Flexible

Want to Feel Better

Have A Health Issue

Want Some Time Out From Family/Work Life

Want To De-Stress

What Can You Achieve From a Regular Class

A Sense Of Wellbeing, Calmness & Relaxed

Become More Flexible

A Feeling of Accomplishment

More Body Aware & How To Move Correctly

Able to Cope With Life’s Ups & Down

Finding Sanctuary From Your Busy World



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