Step Simply

Welcome to Step Simply! Here you will find Super Simple Step Workouts do at home, along with Choreography ideas for Step Teachers.

Step Anywhere

Here you will find complete Home Step workouts for you to do any time, any place – even if you do not have a Step box!

Ready to Step? Here are some super simple workouts including one choreographed for those who don’t have a box handy, but also a great workout for people who are learning to step or just getting into fitness.

The Story of Step Reebok

Step Reebok was created by Gin Miller and launched to the public in 1992 with this iconic home workout video.

More on this story soon, but in the meantime enjoy the video!

Simple Step Choreography

Ideas here for those who want to create their own Simple Step choreography. These are little snippets, if you are looking for full workouts GO HERE

The Science of Step

In a nutshell, Step is amazing because it offers a workout that challenges the heart and lungs in the same way that running does, but the impact through your joints is similar to walking! It’s a Low Impact, High-Intensity workout that you can do with limited space in your own home. And, with the Simple approach it’s easy for beginners to get a safe and effective workout!

Coming soon: more in-depth information about the research conducted by Peter and Lorna Francis at the San Diego State University on how Step training affects your body.