How to send large files by email from your phone or tablet

If you have large video or photo files on your phone or tablet it can be a problem to send them elsewhere.  Maybe you want to send a video to your Mum or perhaps your Social Media Manager?

The WeTransfer app for iOS and Android is a good solution, you can send up to 10GB completely free from your phone or tablet to any email address.  You can even be a bit ‘clever’ and send them to your own email if you simply want to transfer from your phone to your laptop for instance.

Caution: be sure to be connected to a good Wifi signal rather than your mobile data because video files will eat up your data in no time.

You can get WeTransfer for iOS here.

And, you will find Android here.

Top Tip 1!  WeTransfer sends your files ‘zipped up’ (compressed) as a .zip file.  You need to open files like this on a desktop or laptop, not mobile device.  It’s usually a good idea to mention this to the person you are sending to.

Top Tip 2!  On this free service the download links are good for 7 days, it’s worth mentioning that as well.

Happy Transfers!


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