Step Back in Time was my part of the Village's annual Children in Need fundraiser.  We had 15 themed Disco and Dance sessions in both studios and even a Car Wash on the Pool!  Our Step Back in Time was the last class of the day, take a look at what happened earlier on in the day....               Great balls of Fire! Kelly is teaching the session before our Step Back in Time.           First to arrive is Jane herself, she is teaching with me!   Sarah, she lent me my Full Bottom!   Marie, she snook off shift to help Pudsey.   Just warming up, 'full foot on top, stay close to your box'  This was after Jane Fonda taught us the first few minutes of her famous 1982 workout - HILARIOUS!   Can you see the concentration? I decided to teach some Old Skool stepping - turnsteps, basic right/basic left and TAPS GALORE!  Some of my class are old enough to remember it from the old days but the others have only ever done 'tap free' and are a bit baffled at first.  We got there in the end, my brain was hurting from all the concentration of cueing all those lead leg changes.   Taken in the mirrors, the only way I got to be in the photos!   Cool down stretches.   'Does my Bum look big in this?' tee hee, sorry!   Afterwards, a group photo.   We had such FUN!   The Three Degrees, well done girls.   Rebecca and me.   Phew, we did it!   Top fund raisers Dot and ??? (sigh, sorry...)