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the first new issue of Pippa since 1980!


When Julieanne came back from the Dawn in DC convention she spoke to Tracy about the idea of an Official Convention Pippa.  Julieanne knew that Tracy, as a talented Pippa customiser, was the best person she could ask to make it work, they discussed the project many times, doing research on the web for the materials needed and planning the practicalities of bringing together 20 dolls and making them over into an identical Scottish themed doll that would be sure to thrill the conventioneers.

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As the PIErs (Pippa in Edinburgh Convention People) signed up they were asked to send a standard Pippa to Tracy.  Tracy worked hard on the dolls over a number of weeks, some required minor work, others more involved restoration.  By the time she had finished all the dolls had identical features, pretty much 'as Factory' but with gorgeous green eyes, golden highlights and delicate little plaits.


Tracy liaised with Tricia, Christine, Jeni and Julieanne to create the outfit and packaging.  One week before the convention, all the dolls were dressed and ready to be packaged and Julieanne arrived with the boxes which she had reworked into a unique presentation display box.  But first it was time for a photo shoot!


Aren't they wonderful?  The dolls still have their owners names upon them, can you see yours?


The dolls are ready to be put in their boxes.  Julieanne from designed the boxes and certificate.

Jeni of Toxic Froggy fame made the sporrans.


crazydaisy Tracy made a little shopping bag for each doll and Julieanne made a wee map of Edinburgh for each.

Christine made the Tam O'Shanters


Lets SEE! Mc Pippa is ready for PIE, how will she be received?

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