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the first new issue of Pippa since 1980!




A special limited edition Pippa, Mc Pippa, was given to all those who attended  PIE ~ Pippa in Edinburgh our 2006 convention, here is her story.




Dawn Convention Dolls

Platinum Dawn, 2001.
Mc Pippa's story really started in 2001 when Dawn Doll collectors where given a limited edition Checkerboard doll, Platinum Dawn, as a souvenir of their Convention weekend in Chicago.

At the very first convention in Secaucus, NJ (1999) Melanie Dixon made a Convention Mini Dress, she did the same again the following year in NY.  This was the start of the tradition of a Official Convention Mini, the Convention Doll was a natural progression of this idea.






Holiday Trimmings, 2002

In 2002, in Las Vegas, another Checkerboard doll was issued. This was a limited edition of 'Holiday Trimmings' gifted to the conventioneers by Alex and Andrea. 

She was a commissioned specifically for the convention, only 50 were produced with the unique brunette hair colour.

Jewel, 2003 and China Dragon Dawn, 2004

In 2003 and 2004 Dawn Collectors made their own Convention Doll by redressing and packaging Checkerboard dolls for the Los Angeles and San Francisco conventions.  Molly liaised with Janet Caudle who made the special outfits for this two dolls.


Our grateful thanks to Deanna who's FAB Checkerboard Website we used for this part of the Convention doll history.


Capitol City Midi, 2003.
For the 2003 Washington DC convention, the organiser Babs had the idea of asking all the conventioneers to send in a vintage Dawn which would be packaged and dressed in the Patriotic theme adopted by the convention.

This doll was dressed in an outfit inspired by the Hard To Find Topper outfit Knitty Midi, Rob Harris named the doll Capitol City Midi.

It was this doll that was the true inspiration for Mc Pippa, thank you to our Dawn Chums!






Up Up and Away and Space Angie 2004 and 2005
The process was repeated, in 2004 Jessica was the official doll, 'Up Up and Away!', named by Rob, for the Ohio gathering.  She was created by Wendy and Christine.

In 2005 Angie became the nominated doll, she was Blasted in to Space for 'Dawn Invades Seattle'.  Angie was the work of organisers Carie and Deborah.




Next it was our turn in the UK....

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