NTScouts receive Thank You certificates for Volunteers Week

Scouts from North Tameside District (Ashton and Droylsden) joined in the celebrations and recruitment of www.VolunteersWeek.org 2019. The celebration took place at www.hurstcomcentre.co.uk with the help of an Action Together grant on the 1st of June in which over 40 people attended of which 24 were Scout people who received Thank You certificates from the District Chairman Alan Fish. There were 14 visitors and 3 people asked about joining Scouting. Following the presentations, Alan Fish went on to say that Scouting could not survive without all the Scouting volunteers who spend many hours helping young people to be better citizens in all our differing communities. We must not forget the many support volunteers as well, who help make Scout groups work, with fundraising, management of a HQ, and many other roles behind the scenes of a Scout group. We must thank them all for the tremendous work and the many hours some Volunteers do, even though they were told It’s only 2 hours a week.

The roles can be as low as 2 hours a month, we also have a SAS (Support Active Scouts) Unit not the ones with parachutes, but just help out now and again when they have time to fit a bit of Scouting in. Scouting is very short of adult Leaders and Supporters in the North Tameside district of 10 Beavers colony’s, 10 Cub packs, 8 Scout troops, 5 Explorer units, 1 Network unit, 4 Support units and 13 Management teams they are short of 77 Leaders and Support Volunteers. If you would like to help Scouting as a Leader or just helping out at a group click here to call in at any of the open nights held at each Scout group. If you would like some information about joining Scouting, contact Alan