2nd Dukinfield Beavers build a railway

The 2nd Dukinfield Beaver Colony built a model railway and exhibited it at the RailRoad 2019 being held at Astley Sports College, Dukinfield. 

As part of their planned badgework training, the 24 Beavers from the 2nd Dukinfield Colony designed and built a model railway over 4 weeks. The first week was asking what the Beavers would like on their model. Each Beaver drew a picture of what they would like to be included. Suggestions included tents, trees, unicorns and sheep.

The second week they built the model which included a castle, a campsite, an enchanted forest and of course a railway. The third week they painted the model. While they were working away on the layout parents and other adults were making some of the fantasy models on 3D printers, these included unicorn sheep and flying pigs. 


The final week was painting the animals and assembling the model ready for the show. 

Each Beaver was awarded their Builder Badge for the work they all put into the model. Torin, one of the Beavers, said he made the flying pig but liked the catapult best. Minue, another Beaver said she made the unicorn sheep and enjoyed making the model.  

Zoe Howart-Lowe, the Beaver Leader, said it was great fun and she enjoyed it as much as the Beavers. She said they were going to make a bigger and better model for next year.