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Yoga For Children Of All Ages

As we watch children at play, as adults, we envy their flexibility and sense of adventure. But all too soon those qualities, it seems, disappear – they are off to nursery and school in no time learning new and different things and making new friends.

As school takes over a large part of their day so does sitting, and it is this sitting that leads the body into becoming less flexible and incorrect posture develops along with their bones. Not all is lost though: activity is the key to the health of every body and yoga is a fabulous way to keep the body active – you can practice it anywhere, you don’t need any equipment and you don’t need any expensive labelled clothing………..

Yoga was created over 5000 years ago in India by people who were sitting meditating for many hours. They realised they needed to move to be able to keep their body healthy and quieten their minds. Taking inspiration from nature, animals and the environment around them yoga was born out of necessity and to encourage the body to become and continue to be flexible.

Children are natural masters of imitating what they see, just like the yogis thousands of years ago. Through learning and practicing a variety of yoga poses by imitating nature, animals and objects in the environment children start to reap the benefits.

A ‘Yoga Buddies’ session combine traditional poses together with modern and innovative yoga sequences in a simple yet effective way tailored to a specific age range. As children imitate the poses and movements they will not only stimulate their imaginations but will also enhance their physical and neurological skills. The poses will teach the children how to stretch and strengthen every part of their body, even those that might not be reached in everyday activities.

A regular ‘Yoga Buddies’ practice builds a strong foundation for children to grow from in order to become self-assured, clear-thinking, responsible people in the world. The poses develop strength, flexibility, co-ordination and skill, stimulate nerves and glands, and tone internal organs. Building body awareness will help to prevent injury during sports or other physical activity not just now but in years to come.

‘Yoga Buddies’ will teach children how to maintain the flexibility of their body and develop their own creativity through playful learning. Staying flexible mentally by opening the mind fosters positive thinking and motivation to learn new things. All these skills enable children to learn more easily both in school and outside.

Yoga Buddies

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